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My name is C. J. Gilbert and I live in San Diego, CA.

On this website, you'll find out a little about myself and my family.

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My Contact Info:

You can e-mail me at: cj@kf6bln.com

Or my mailing address is:
P. O. Box 2846
La Mesa, CA 91943

Please feel free to visit my other websites:

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Hi. My name is C. J. Gilbert.

I live with my wife, Emily, and son, Caden, in Spring Valley, CA. Caden was born September 27, 2004. (You can see pics on the 'Why' page.)

Emily is an Independant Beauty Consultant, and I am a Graphic Designer. We are also both musicians.

Together, we own and operate GilbertStudios, which is a web and graphic arts design studio fused with a music studio.

I am a member of the Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon (WAMO# 1641) and the San Diego Repeater Association.

cjdotcom . EMGilbert . GilbertStudios . ARCEC . SANDRA

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When will you hear me on the air?

That's a tough one. How about: “All the time!”

No, that's not really true. You can find me listening sporadically throughout the day, as I imagine is true for most people.

More specifically, I'm usually lurking an hour or so before noon and again after 7 at night.

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I'd like to welcome back the El Cajon ARC's repeater on 147.420! Join us for nets on Tue, Wed, and Sat nights! (More info, here.)

When I'm on, I also monitor 146.265, SANDRA's repeater on Lyon's Pk.

In addition, when those air waves are quiet, I poke around on 2m, 440, and 6m looking for activity. To see a list of the repeaters I have programmed into my radio, click here.

Repeater List . ARCEC . SANDRA

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Here are a few pics of my family taken at the 2004 ARCEC Christmas Party.

My son, Caden - Image
My wife, Emily, and son, Caden- Image

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I use the Yaesu VX-7R HT (except mine's black).

Stock Image . Yaesu VX-7R HT

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